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What about TECHNOFOAM ?

Christophe BLEUSE and Yann LARDEUX launched TECHNOFOAM in 2005 their new company specialized into composite absorption. TECHNOFOAM formalized 2 years achievement of research and development, test, teamwork with Aerospace Majors to finalize a full innovative foam 100% oil and dust proof which will leave work areas any workers free from drilling composite pollution. Our product was rewarded with several prizes including a french and internationnal innovation certificate, an EADS partnership and many professional awards.

Since then any being reconized as Absorption Specialist, we extended to other absorption family products such as shock parts protection any industrial pollution absorptions. 

We are able to offer a customized solution in small serie to our customers, using recycle material mainly to all aerospace, train and shipyard industries. Dealing  with composite assembly and drilling. 

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