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Absorbant composite

See some before and after applications of our foam within Aerospace Industrie. Each customised product is validated by a prototype before serie with a personnalized reference to each customer. Our foam are available in several formats (open/close cells) and colors to adjust to pollution level and cost requierement.

Adhesive to maintain on high position or vertical is also available as an option.

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Absorbant grey foam before used absorbant grey foam after used absorbant yellow foam before used After the drilling the place remains clean Absorbant grey foam with adhesive Absorbant grey foam Absorbant grey foam Absorbant grey foam  Absorbant yellow foam before and after used Absorbant yellow foam with adhesive before used Absorbant yellow foam with adhesive after used Absorbant yellow foam after used composite020 composite021 composite022composite023 composite024


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